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NTK Security

The Client

NTK Security provide highly-trained and professional security personnel for events and establishments.

What we did

We were instructed by NTK Security to overhaul their branding and website. We designed a brave departure from the typical identities in the industry to create something that would not only, give NTK’s clients confidence in their service but also create a strong sense of brand loyalty within the employees. Michael Herlihy, NTK’s Operations Manager wanted an identity that reinforced a sense of strength but also peaceful resolution.

The Client said:

“Eyespeak invited us to their studio to discuss our requirements and their people were warm, engaging and made us feel at home. They listened more than they spoke. They were attentive and impressed us with their innovative thought process and creativity. Once they had the concept of the modern-day service we were after there was no looking back. Further, we are grateful they took time out to visit our premises and some of our sites to really get a feel for what we required. Everyone I speak to or present my card to makes the connection with the totemic ‘Tall Man’ arrangement of the lettering which I find helps them to remember me and, more importantly, my company’s name. These days, it’s great to find someone who takes their time to listen in order to produce the goods. Afterall there’s no more effective way to communicate than eye-to-eye contact and we feel the time and care they took has helped us create more open lines of communication”

— Michael Herlihy, NTK Operations Manager