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The Art Auction

The Client

The Art Auction was a one-night-only event to raise money for St Helena Hospice and the new cancer unit at Colchester Hospital.

What we did

The event was held in November 2019 at the contemporary art gallery, Firstsite. The event brought together some of the region’s most successful artists, designers and makers and became a collaborative celebration of our collective loss. We created this playful and energetic identity that was both joyful and humorous, yet served as a reminder for the audience to engage with the event. We then delivered the peripheral items that included a website, social media profiles, a letterpressed invite for special guests and a printed catalogue. The brand identity gave the event confidence and created a buzz.

The client said:

The Art Auction started out as a deeply personal event, but grew into a collaborative and shared effort that raised £11,000 for the charities. We created this playful identity that was flexible, meaningful and memorable; the three conditions that eyespeak strives for in all the work we do.

— Esther Feltham, Event Organiser and Creative Director at eyespeak