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Pantone Ultraviolet 2018

Pantone Ultraviolet 2018
December 10, 2017 esther

Earlier this week, Pantone launched their colour of the year for 2018; which is quickly becoming an eagerly anticipated event in the designers’ calendar. For the non-designer, what should you get from this? What it tells us is that colour is a hugely powerful, highly emotive and persuasive tool that should never be underestimated. Colour projects meaning; it not only connects us emotionally, but with the more subliminal cultural and socio-political values. Furthermore, it shows us that colour is intrinsically linked to trends and fashion. Despite the importance of colour theory which decodes meaning; it is equally whimsical. How does this affect you? You must think carefully about how your brand communicates through its use of colour. Colour helps to settle tone of your brand’s position. If you’re not sure whether your brand’s personality is accurately reflected in the colours your using, then give us a call and let’s speak.

What about this new colour? What’s its significance? Connections have been drawn with links to the British Royal Family as they prepare for the upcoming, albeit not particularly significant royal wedding. I’m more interested in the shift from the forward-looking and uplifting green of 2017, to this rather melancholic deep purple. If this is considered as a forecasting activity and a prediction of mood for 2018, it doesn’t fill me with confidence. Pantone have defined this colour as “imaginative and inventive”, so perhaps I’m doing it a disservice and should embrace the new colour choice.

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