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Story of Books: Developing an identity

Story of Books: Developing an identity
October 22, 2017 esther

Following our attendance at the inaugural Baskerville Wayzgoose in April, eyespeak is thrilled to announce the launch of an identity for The Story of Books. Emma Balch is in the process of setting up a working museum in the Hay Valley celebrating the book and the craft of print. The marque has been created by printing the underside of woodtype letterpress blocks, known as shanks. This gives a unique aesthetic quality, to give the impression of the spines of books. They were then arranged to look like a bookshelf, bringing together the visual language of both printing and the book object. 

To create the marque, we brought Typoretum letterpress studio on board to help with the printing of the shanks. All too often, identities are created purely through digital means, which can lead to sterile, impersonal outcomes. This project is routed in craft and the tactile so we really wanted to convey a sense of materiality in the identity. As the brand story develops the marque will have to be applied to various situations; we are currently talking about pressing it into a large sheet of metal for signage. The typographic choices are purposeful in their selection as they connect with the location of Baskerville Hall and Eric Gill is known to have spent some time living in the area. “From August 1924 to October 1928, Eric Gill and his followers lived in these hills, in the former monastery at Capel-y-Fin. It was here that he designed Gill Sans.” Emma Balch. You can read more about the Story of Books, here. 


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