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That’ll do? No, it won’t. The impact template design has on your business

That’ll do? No, it won’t. The impact template design has on your business
July 31, 2018 esther

You are a professional. You run a business that offers a high-quality product or service. Nobody does what you do, to the same level that you do it. Do you cut corners on your supply chain, or your processes to the detriment of your product, or even your clients’ safety, just to increase your margins? Do you approach your business with a “that’ll do” attitude? Of course you don’t.


I am all too often asked, “this is my business card, do you like it?” This can be followed by; “I did it myself”, or, “my neighbour’s little brother did it”. The justification is something along the lines of, “it got me started”, “it’s all I need”, or the worse one yet, “that’ll do”. But, what message does this send? It implies there will be a that’ll do approach to their customers who could be subconsciously thinking that this is how the business is run. By doing it yourself and not employing a professional graphic designer, you send a message that doesn’t recognise the skills of highly trained professionals.

Across the Internet, skilled graphic designers are being undermined by organisations that say they can design you a logo in 20 minutes and all for the princely sum of a macchiato. Without even realising, these outfits providing template-led design could have an incredibly negative impact on your business. Yes, they have some attractive layouts, but they are about as communicative as polystyrene. To illustrate this point, here’s a little story someone told me recently from when they were at a business networking event and engaged in a positive conversation with a new contact. It was all going very well, until they exchanged business cards. On receiving the “new” business card, my colleague said that they had just met someone who worked in the same company. To which, the response was, “but I’m here alone”. Slightly perplexed, my colleague pulled out an identically designed card they had been given earlier. They weren’t from the same company, or even the same business sector for that matter, but they had used the same template from a globally renowned print organisation. Rather than their business cards being signposts for their business and the face of their company, their individuality; they were shown to be meaningless, generic and unmemorable.

Factoring branding into your spending should be a fundamental part of your business strategy. It sets the tone. It presents you. But, what is branding? It’s more than just a logo. A successful brand will recognise the relationship between you and your audience. It stretches to your reputation, although that is not something you can necessarily control, but you can reference it in your branding. Your values, the expectations and what you stand for are also communicated to your audience through your identity. Your brandmark provides your customers with a promise of quality, reliability and assurance. All of these set you apart from your competition.

Investing in your branding is never wasted money, as long as it is spent with a design professional. Try thinking of your branding spend as a strategic investment rather than a business cost that you can cut corners on. An identity that reflects the quality of your service should never cost a fiver. Think about what that says about you and how you will be perceived. An organisation that is prepared to invest in its branding will be positioned and presented in a more confident way, which inspires confidence in consumers. Likewise, the reverse is true! A company that uses their next door neighbour’s teenager to “draw them a logo” because they like drawing, or a template service, will cheapen the organisation and it implies they cut corners. This inadvertently leads consumers, not always consciously, to question the quality of the service they are being offered and could lead the consumer to head towards the branded organisation, who may not even provide the superior service.

Think. What does your visual identity say about you? Perhaps, it is time to re-evaluate your brand’s position and proposition. We offer a full branding service; from working with and refreshing existing identities that is often referred to as brand evolution. We are also able to start from scratch; whether that is working with new companies that may require a naming activity first, or an up and running company that would benefit from an overhauled identity. From there, we can move onto brand extensions such as stationery, a website, vehicle livery and other promotional material. Our approach is that we listen first and design, second. Leading us to create meaningful and creative work.

If you would like to discuss your organisation’s brand identity, please give eyespeak a call on 01206796650 or you can email us and we will happily talk you through the process and between us we will ensure your brand’s personality and values are shown in their best light.


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