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Why should you work with eyespeak?

Why should you work with eyespeak?
May 30, 2019 esther

When you really ask yourself (when no-one can hear your answer) whether your branding reflects your business and the quality of your offering? What is the answer?

Does your branding present you as a market leader, a company that stands out from the crowd? Are you a disruptor? A company that demands attention from its audience, or do you sit meekly in the background hoping that your reputation and referrals are enough?

Don’t sit in the background! Make your audience as passionate about your company as you are. At eyespeak, we get to the core of your business values, the offering and the position you should be occupying in your market. We are highly educated and experienced graphic designers that understand the power of a strong visual identity. The brands we create are underpinned from knowledge that we glean from our clients because we recognise that no-one knows your business better than you.

A trap that businesses often fall into, is that they see graphic design and branding as an expense, an indulgence and not an essential part of your business strategy. By working with us, you will get a unique, imaginative and intelligent identity that will encourage and engage your audience.

The impact of a refreshed identity can be considerable to an organisation; the obvious effect is that sales enquiries and conversions rise, leading to increased profits and all the benefits that brings. But, how often do you consider the impact on your employees? All too often, business owners only look forward to the consumer, but think about the value of employees that are invested in your brand? They have to sell it, and, in many cases, they have to wear it or travel in it! Your brand has to engage the people who come into contact with it, they have to engage with it and champion the success of it.

You don’t get this level of design knowledge from templated design, self-taught designers or online suppliers. When you work with us you get a far superior service than just a logo design. We work closely with our clients to fully realise their needs as well as their wants. We design fully immersive brand identities. How? It’s simple. We listen. We think and then we speak.

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